Specialists in Oligonucleotides

Our Focus

Recent developments in genetic engineering have led to the development of new drugs for various diseases that previously were difficult to treat using conventional medical treatments. Gene expression using oligonucleotides, such as antisense, decoy, and siRNA, hold promise as effective next-generation therapeutic drugs. Research and development of nucleic acid-based therapeutic drugs (nucleic acid medicine) focusing on regulation method or inhibition of specific target molecule function by aptamer is actively carried out worldwide.

At our Osaka, Japan, facilities, we synthesize oligonucleotides for research and commercial use, using the latest technology and patent licensing rights from Osaka University Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Graduate School of Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine and Microbial Disease Research Institute and RIKEN in Japan. We supply nucleic acid materials, such as artificial nucleic acid BNA (Bridged Nucleic Acid), ribbon type decoy nucleic acid, ICON probe, and develop new technologies by applying gene-related technology, for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and bio-research needs. In addition, we are actively working on developing new oligo and peptide products.

The demand for various synthetic nucleic acids is currently expanding from cultured cell level to materials for animal experiments and clinical trials. We also contribute to the practical application of nucleic acid medicine and diagnostic systems, by supplying various oligonucleotides from research scale to large scale contract manufacturing.

Our goal is to contribute to the welfare and health of patients through the development of nucleic acid technologies, and advancing medicine and medical care by providing high quality oligonucleotides for next-generation pharmaceuticals and therapeutics.

Business Information

Company name
GeneDesign, Inc.
Doing Business As
Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services
Date of establishment
December 2000
59,900 thousand yen
Head office / laboratory
7- 7-29 Saitoasagi
Ibaraki, Osaka, Japan
Number of Employees
100 people
Business item
Contracted DNA synthesis
Contracted RNA synthesis
Contracted BNA / LNA synthesis
Contracted peptide synthesis
Contracted polyclonal antibody production
Contracted DNA microarray construction
Research support business Gene related field
Protein related field
Biochemical related field
joint research Other work related to the above