Gene Design introduces the first large-scale production equipment in Japan, strengthening the contract development and production system from the early development stage to the late stage / launch

Gene Design Co., Ltd. will establish a new development / production facility of nucleic acid drug raw materials (oglionucleotides) within the premises of the company’s laboratory in Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture.

It will be the largest domestic production facility of oglionucleotides and will greatly increase the production capacity of its oglionucleotides. The establishment of this new facility will increase the production volume per lot in kilograms (kg) per lot in Japan, so the production capacity of our oglionucleotides will be increased to about 100 times the current level.

Combined with our production capacity and the mass production technology (AJIPHASE® technology), owned by the Ajinomoto Group to which our company belongs, a flexible and seamless supply system of more than 100 kg from the previous microgram (μg) will be established.

This initiative is based on responding widely to users’ needs, such as pharmaceutical companies and research institutions. By 2025, aim to become the world leader in contract manufacturing of oglionucleotides.

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