Contract Manufacturing

Our focused expertise and capabilities in traditional solid phase manufacturing, make us one of the industry’s top leader in high quality, scalable, custom oligonucleotides to meet our clients’ needs.

We offer flexible CDMO services for a number of oligos, including process development and analytical testing for both cGMP or in vivo grade products, which can be used for non-clinical trials, scale-up process development, and clinical drug trials.

Our experienced and knowledgeable scientists can custom synthesize your molecule from microgram research quantities to 200g bulk amounts, under non-GMP and up to 20 kg under cGMP. We provide a wide range of solid phase DNA and RNA chains for research and pre-clinical studies through commercial production.

  • Small scale custom oligonucleotides
  • Long RNA chains (~140 mer)
  • Long chimera DNA/RNA chains by enzymatic ligation
  • ASO
  • siRNA
  • Aptamers
  • miRNA (inhibitor & mimic)
  • CpG-ODN
  • Decoy RNA